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Alright so one more meal left for me, and that would be my protein shake, mixed with peanut butter and 1 cup of skim milk. Unfortunately, it’s only 6:05 pm, and I am already hungry again. The unfortunate side to moving from eating everything in sight, with reason, to eating on a maintenance is the hunger that comes with it. But, this can be avoided and I will remember to incorporate this mentioned format, tomorrow. I HAVE to split up my meals and eat WHOLE food. Sometimes it’s hard and I know the shakes will come in handy but breakfast, lunch and dinner, will be WHOLE foods. Fillers will include fruits and etc, along with my weight gainer and protein shake.

The down side of weight gainers and protein shakes, is that they aren’t highly dense foods, so you feel hungry quicker. Solid foods always outweighs liquid, for satiation. When I feel hungry, I will go for the shakes. But for my meals, it will be solid foods from now on. This should help with the hunger and not frustrate me as this goes on.

I will also be downing my carbs every now and then, during those times I am going to really enjoy the high protein intake. I will make sure to make you aware on the days that I lowered my carbs from the 1.5 to 1 grams, and pick them back up to 1.5. This will happen 3 times for the week. My goal is to get myself into a fat burning window, so that my body uses the fat I have stored, to build the muscle I want to gain.

So yet again as I mentioned on the “Keep a Note”, panel on the right side, make sure to read EVERYTHING. Updates will come one after the other, sometimes 1 in one day, or more. So to benefit from this, you need to RSS feed my page, or bookmark it! 🙂

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