Carb Cycling – How I am using it.

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I talked about carb cycling on the love my muscles blog, but wanted to go into more detail when it came to my diet.

For me, I am looking to gain the muscle and lose the fat, but stay the same on the scale. To do this, I have to try to gain a certain amount of muscle, and lose about the same in fat. As muscle weighs more than fat, I should stay about the same weight, give a take a few pounds (more take), but nevertheless be at a certain number.

I re-calculated my body fat, and I am about 20%. I wanted to reach 14% body fat, but I doubt I can do that. I am just going to go by air right now, and measure and see how it progresses. It’s more on what I look in the mirror and what the scale says. The scale needs to not change drastically, or I have failed and that would suck 🙁

My carb cycling will look something like this: 1.0 grams/lb is my lowest carb days and my highest will be 2 grams/lb. So far, it’s already a little difficult to eat only 155 grams of carbs, on my low days but I am getting there. I am more hitting 1.5 and even though the general range for low days are 0.5 to 1.5, I would rather be more on the 1.0 on certain days and 1.5 on certain days and then 2.0 on my training days.

That’s another point I want to make. My highest amount of carb intake, will surround my weight training, so 3 times a week I will consume 2.0 g/lb in carbs. Then I will start decreasing slowly for 2 days at 1.5 grams and the rest of the other 2 days, I will be at 1.0 g/lb. Before, I was more focused on 1.0 grams on off days and 2 on the on days of training but a slow reduction right after my days of training, would be good in assisting my body in building muscle, via the use of the carbs and my body fat and finally, using my body fat mainly on the lower days. Hopefully, my body takes it’s energy from my fat, as the carbs are low, and as my proteins are going to be 1 to 1.5 grams per/lb of body weight, I should gain muscle mass also.

Generally, the body prefers carbs as it’s source of energy and when it can’t get it, it will go to the fats and then after a certain time it will go to proteins. The reason for it going to proteins is because fats will produce ketones, which is harmful to one’s body so then it switches to the protein source when the carbs aren’t available still. So, just a little nutritional information there 😀

By this science, this should all work. Keep my page on bookmark, so you can keep following my progress! 🙂

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