Carb Cycling Day 1

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It’s my first day on my carb cycling diet. I’d have to say it started off easy, until I started thinking of what to eat that’s high in protein, while in between school ending and me heading home. I was literally starving, so got myself a chicken breast sandwich and just ate the chicken breast 🙂

Then I started feeling a little light headed and weak. Only coming to find out, I was on my low carbs day. I remembered that this is what would happen, as my carbs were on a new low and I am not accustomed to it yet.

Tomorrow is another low day, and also wednesday. My high days are Thursday and Saturday, moderate days are Friday and Sunday. So 2 more awful low days to enjoy. :/

I am only getting accustom to what I need to eat to meet my macros for a low carb day. I just had about 140 grams today, which was a new low for me. In a month’s time, I am supposed to see a loss in body fat through this method. This is the first time I have ever started this type of eating protocol. I was on the IF (intermittent fasting), for about 4 to 5 months and that was difficult. So a new challenge, for new gains 😀

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Buff Gyal

26 year old female bodybuilder, interesting in building muscle and losing body fat.

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