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This is my second week on the carb cycling diet plan. It’s getting easier making sure I stick with how much I am suppose to consume but it can become a little overwhelming when you forget solid foods like meat, still have carbs in it. Obviously it’s not something to look at, when counting the carbs but if you aren’t careful the carbs you do eat, along with the carbs from your other sources, can make you go over.

Point is, this is definitely a learning situation. I am aware of how it’s suppose to go but I am learning a lot of recipes and so forth, to help me. I did make a meal plan to follow but being busy with school, sometimes I don’t have time to access it. This is why in the morning, I have myself a boiled egg, and then the night before I prepare a snack bag so that while I am at school, I can eat every 3 to 4 hours and not have to worry about missing a meal.

Today I made some oat bran pancakes, which does have a higher than expected carb source but once you keep the serving low, you’re at least keeping on track.

The tiredness is fading away. I was exceptionally tired yesterday than normal but it’s seems it’s always like that on the day after a moderate or high carb day and lowering it.

Finally, I am going to be reviewing my pre-workout supplement at Love My Muscles.com, after Friday. I have gym 3 times a week, as usual. From Thursday to Saturday. I am shrinking in some ways but not in a bad way. My arms are still big, which I am happy for but the midsection is shrinking, which is the whole point.

I will be taking a back pic because I am looking to acquire a V-taper.

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