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As you can see, I am no longer updating this little journal here. Somehow if you got onto this page, you may have realized that. I just wanted to explain the reason for doing so.

First, goals come and goals go. One moment cutting seems like a good idea, next, bulking seems a good idea. Not only that but sometimes doing a mini cut, before getting back on the bulking wagon, helps reduce the amount of fat you gain overall, when you’ve reached your ultimate bulking goal. This helps greatly when it comes to the final cut, someone does have a long term bulk. Less body fat overall, helps for a smoother loss of just the body fat and not some chunk of muscle with it. Also, requires less work. That is why it is advised, when you’re bulking, to focus on what you eat because it would suck in the long run, when it’s time to cut.

You can check out my fitness journal, between cuts and bulks over at Love My Muscles Fitness. It’s a whole separate website on my own specific goals, just like this journal was suppose to exhibit.

Bookmark it for the future, if you care to follow me throughout my journey, or join me while I am going through it! 🙂

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Buff Gyal

26 year old female bodybuilder, interesting in building muscle and losing body fat.

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This site will have different updates, sometimes on the same day. Because of this, it is best if you're following my progress via this journal, to read everything until you've read all the posts.

By doing this, you're going to get all the information that you need, to do this same program yourself. The reason I am updating so often, sometimes in the same day and not days apart, is because this is a progress journal. It will be here for me to speak my mind, in relation to this program I am on.

So please, yet again, to get most of this journal, read everything!

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