Progress Pictures #2

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Alright, so I know I said I would update with only 3 progressive sessions when it came to picture updates. But, I was changing today after school and I just noticed how much I have lost body fat so far, on my abs area. I was very pleased with this and excited, so I decided to show it off to you guys!

Here’s the first progress pictures, which is the start off pictures before I started on this little 3 month journey of mine.

It’s only been about 2 weeks, so I am a few days from a full 1 month on this.

Anyways, here’s the pictures:

Abs Set 1

Abs Set 2

I know it ain’t much pictures but it’s sufficient. But, imagine it’s only been 2 weeks, what a 3 month progressive update picture is going to look like!

Also tomorrow is a training day, so we’ll update on how that session went 🙂

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