Online Personal Trainer

Online Personal Trainer

With my experience in fitness training and bodybuilding, I can put myself as a personal coach, where I can assist you one on one, with accomplishing your fitness goals.

I have taken many courses in anatomy, health and nutrition, chemistry, physiology and much more sciences, giving me an overall understanding on how the body works. With this knowledge, and my fitness knowledge, I can provide you the best assistance based on my own personal experience, to reach the goals you want to.

To speak to me LIVE, just use the Live Support tab on the left.

Remember, this is an online personal trainer option, with no offline assistance. Providing of meal plans, workout plans, etc.

To get free personal trainer support, please refer to here.

*Note: you can combine any of the below online trainer options. This will increase the overall package. For example, purchasing a 1 week training session with a generic meal plan, will provide you with 2 meal plans. The one that comes with the 1 week training session and the one that comes with the generic meal plan. Giving you the option of interchanging the meals, giving you 2 days of meals!

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Online Training Options

This option comes with just 1 day of being able to contact, asking specific questions and getting specific responses. It doesn’t include a meal plan, or workout plan. Just individual attention for 1 day, to ask whatever questions specific to your needs.


This option is a 1 week online training with contact options. This choice will come with 1 meal plan and 1 workout plan.


This 2 week online training option, comes with contact abilities. Also, 1 meal plan and 1 workout plan.


This 3 week online training option will come with a very specific and individualized online training session. I will be providing you with a meal plan, and workout plan. Also, refining the plans, as the weeks go on, allowing you to lose the max amount of weight possible, or gain some good muscle mass, within this session.


This is a generic workout plan that’s been created, specifically to provide to those who are interested in getting their hands on a workout plan that’s not listed in the workout plan section, that does guarantee to provide results! *Please specify in check, if you want a weight loss workout plan or a mass gaining workout plan!


This is a generic meal plan that’s either for weight loss or weight gain. Please specify a weight gain meal plan or a weight loss meal plan that you’re interested in. This meal plan will not take your calorie intake into consideration. It will provide a guideline of foods to eat, in a specific breakdown, with calories attached to it. If you need to get a meal plan based on your specific calories, then an individualized plan is what you need. If not, you can adjust the meal plan, to meet your calorie intake. There will be suggestions provided in this meal plan to help you make the meal plan suited to you.


This meal plan is one that’s individualized, based on your specific needs. It will be laid out to give you the best possible way, to loss weight or gain muscle. It will take your weight, and into consideration. With a specific meal plan based on your daily calorie intake. Unlike the generic meal plan, that will just give you a generic number for gaining or losing, that you will have to adjust to your own weight, the individualized one will take how much calories you need into consideration, and be specific about it.


This workout plan will be very specific to your desired physique. It will provide very information instructions, along with the best workouts that maximize the best gains. Information will be taken from you, after purchasing of this item, so that the workout plan can be designed specifically for you.

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