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How To Start Eating Properly

Nutrition is a very important part of weight training. I could speak about training with the weights, different exercises, strength training, hypertrophy and supplements but if you don’t have your diet down, then you aren’t going to go anywhere. This is ultimately, the most damaging part of beginner’s when it comes to training properly. They think it all has to do with the gym but a lot of people believe that it’s about 5% training and 95% everything else, which includes sleep and optimum recovery time. Just a quick run through on the basics I have talked before, about nutrition. We know our protein needs to be about 1 to 1.5 grams of protein per pound of body weight to build muscle mass, 2 to 2.5 or even more, grams of carbohydrates per pound of body weight, to gain muscles mass as it’s the body’s main source of energy and finally, we have that fats should be around 100 to 150 grams. All these numbers obviously pertain only to the individual, based on their desired goals, their weight, their height, etc. Point being, they are essential and they are needed for the body to function and recover. We all can say, if we haven’t eaten properly for the day, we feel lethargic and exhausted or if we haven’t had enough carbohydrates, the same unfortunate symptoms occur. This just proves how eating helps us function. But, the trick is eating properly because just eating can actually make you feel bad because[…]

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2 Day Split

This two day split is what I used when I didn’t have the means to get to the gym often enough. Now this doesn’t say what you do in those split, but just give you an idea of how to workout twice a week and maximize your gains. Day 1: Upper body – do 2 exercises per body group and make sure to not exceed 45 minutes. If you have been working out for a couple of months now, and training time is limited and you need to do only 2 days a week training, then you can add 3 exercises per body part and stay in the gym for 1 and a half hours. Day 2: Lower Body – because this can be very strenuous even for the avid trainer, I’d suggest keeping this to only 2 exercise per body part. Because of this split, you can do it one day after the other, so Monday train and Tuesday you train and the rest of the week you are off. Or Friday you train and saturday you train and you be off for the rest of the week. Or, you can do Monday train and friday train, every day in between and afterward, is off days. The point is, that because your training each body part once a week, you are not going to over train and you’re definitely not going to lose the possibilities of making gains. I actually made my best gains under this type of training,[…]

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Keeping on Track

Throughout my own attempts to become as knowledgeable as I can, when it comes to weight training, especially for women, I came across a website that was speaking about staying on track. What makes bodybuilders and professional trainers different from the rest? As obvious as it may be, it may not always be so obvious. Keep reading if you feel that when you step forward, you only fall to temptation and move a few steps back.

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Creatine Monohydrate (or other derivatives)

Alright this is going to be straight to the point and without any extra information in it. But, some people have asked me about creatine and what it is, and how does it help with weight training. Not only that but some people when they ask me about creatine, they link it with whey protein asking, which is better and if they do the same thing. Because of this simple misconception and confusion, I think a lot of people are staying away from a very good product. Now, if you are just starting off, and haven’t trained a day in your life, then I’d suggest leaving creatine alone until maybe 6 months into training. The basic staples that you need right now, is just whey protein powder, and that is it. A protein supplement is just there to help you get your protein macros in check. As for other supplements, I see no need for them at the moment. When I started weight training back in the day, all I used was a weight gainer and that is all. I gained my mass pretty steadily and quickly, because of what we call newbie gains. Not only that but I know now, I should have just gotten a protein supplement and call it a day. Focused on my nutritional part of weight training and once I had gotten that down, then step into other supplements. One of the most important part of training, is nutrition, but this isn’t the topic of[…]

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How to bulk without counting calories

One of the hardest things that people come across when it comes to weight training, is eating properly. I have already spoken on how important nutrition is, whether it is for bulking or cutting. Certain things you should try to focus on accomplishing no matter what, although there are debates on whether to be sticklers about it or not. Either way, that’s not the topic for today. Today I want to focus on eating for a bulk, but not really focusing on counting calories. The best way to eat on a bulk, without counting calories is the most logical thing; use one day out of the whole week and count them damn calories! But if you want some more suggestions instead of that obvious one, then continue reading!

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