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Weight Lifting and Women

I just want to settle something once and for all, because it’s a huge misconception and falsehood that I am a little irritated by. I think women should know exactly what they are getting into, when it comes to weight training. They have a warped sense of what can happen once they pick up a dumbbell and I think men have it also. When it comes to weight training and women, the woman needs to know what kind of physique she wants. She’s not going to suddenly turn into a shehulk, if she starts lifting weights. I see girls avoiding weights like it’s the plague because they have a misconception yet again, on what they will look like. You will not look like me, if you’re curling 10 lb weights, or squatting in the 50s. I see them using just the bars, and doing deadlifts and so forth. Fine, that’s cool but you’re not going to get huge like a man, if you lift weights. Yet, there’s guys who think that if a woman lift weights, she’s going to only start looking like a fitness model. How naive of them to assume just because females have a lower set of testosterone surging through their body, that they wouldn’t have a physique nearly as equal to them? If you have a goal, to look muscular, nearly as much as some dudes, as a female, YOU CAN DO IT! You can also do it, without the assistance of anabolic substances. All you[…]

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The Art of Squatting

One of the major leg exercises out there, is squatting. There are so many variants to the squat; hack squat, front squat, etc. But just for this article, I am going to focus on the regular squat where you have the barbell resting on your shoulder, behind your neck. Now, most people think when you squat, you just bend your knees and get your quads parallel to the floor. Even I, for a long time, thought squatting was like that, but it isn’t. There’s more to squatting, at least with the barbell behind your neck, than just that simple movement. There’s a method to it, and there’s actually form. The reason you have to get to learn how to get the right form on squats, is so that when you start pushing some heavy weights you are stabilizing the weights with the right muscles. We don’t want anyone hurting their lower back, or fucking up their spine because of squatting. So let’s just get to it. To begin a squat, I’ll suggest using the barbell alone, until you can get your form down. Spread your legs shoulder width. Not wider than your shoulders, and not too close together. Make sure that your toes are pointed outward, slightly. Not too much, and not too little. You want to make sure your feet are securely placed on the ground. As I am assuming you’re going to be using a squat rack, get your body under the barbell, lift it securely, move back[…]

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How to increase strength

You find that you’re not going up in weight efficiently enough? Have you checked your diet? Is it in check? If you said yes to these questions, then if it isn’t your diet, then you need to start incorporating strength training routines into your training sessions. If it is that your diet isn’t in check, and you’re not getting enough calories, that majority of the time is the reason people aren’t gaining strength, especially if they are bulking. If your whole routine was to strength train, I doubt you’d be having much problems in this area, unless you’ve reached some high numbers and need to break through a plateau. This article isn’t about breaking plateaus at those numbers, but rather just a regular desire to gain strength while gaining muscle mass. I am sure this peaks your interest, so keep reading!

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The benefit of good form

Form. What exactly is it, and why does it have to be good? If someone asked you, “Hey brah/brahette, why do I have to lift with good form?” What would be your answer? You may say that it yields the most gains from using good form or, that it actually prevents injury. We’ve heard it being regurgitated over and over, in the gym, that good form is to prevent injury. It’s like when we were in P.E, we had to do things in certain manners because, it help prevent injury. A lot of things we do in bodybuilding, is to prevent long term problems that can keep us out of the gym. The worst nightmare for a bodybuilder or anyone in the fitness industry who loves training, is getting some type of gym related injury that holds them off from training for months! Imagine, that’s nearly all your gains being lost because you didn’t lift something in the right manner! If you don’t want this ever happening, keep reading this article. I am not going to provide you the proper form or explanation on what the proper form for each exercise is, because that would take forever but I will provide a lovely link that carries you to a fitness training online library that shows you how nearly all the exercises possible at the gym, should be performed!

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No room for intimidation

“Everybody wants to be a bodybuilder, but don’t nobody want to lift no heavy-ass weights.” – Ronnie Coleman, IFBB Mr. Olympia 8 times in a row from 1998 to 2005. I couldn’t have said it any better than him. Everyone wants to build muscle but don’t no one want to actually lift heavy to do so. You can’t expect to stay at 25lbs with your bicep curls, and expect to gain any significant mass. Not only that but compound workouts are very good for building overall mass also; military press, squats, bench press, bent over rows. All these help with overall mass gains. But, you also have to go heavy. A lot are afraid to go heavy on the bench press exercise and this is with reason. Why remain intimidated, when you could be pushing more than you’re currently lifting?

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