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The art of losing belly fat

I have written about the basics of losing fat, and provided you the frame work you would need if fat loss is in your current or long term goals. The thing about it is that that was sufficient enough information one would need, to base any diet plan or fitness routine geared towards losing weight. The unfortunate thing is, a lot of people online have made an industry out of selling books and e-books that are fully written on the subject of fat loss. I mean, let’s just face it, the world is on a quick spiral down, when it comes to the increase in overweight or out of shape individuals in our current society. Nothing is ever good, when the children of our community are moving more away from physical activities like being outdoors to engaging in the activities that keep them confined in their homes on their video game consoles, in front of the tv or surfing the internet.

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Sodas You Can Drink

Generally, any fitness trainer would recommend a complete removal of any type of Soda or soft drink from one’s list of items to consume. The high sucrose levels in them, aren’t even healthy and only promotes the increase cases of diabetes in today’s society. It’s not an unwarranted suggestion, and it’s not even inconceivable that the topic of taxing sodas to prevent consumption has be coming up recently in various governments. But, we as people have a sweet tooth. We like our soft drinks, our sweet juices, etc. Drinking only slightly flavored water, or water only, sometimes isn’t always a desirable option, especially out at events, etc. Maybe at a restaurant, you would like to have some type of flavored drink, that is conducive to keeping to your diet.

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All About Shoulders

A body part that really gets your physique popping, is your deltoids muscle. When you think about it, if you’re in a tank top, amongst the 3 muscles that tend to be showing besides the biceps and triceps, it’s the shoulders. Even if your arms aren’t as big or cut as you want them, if you have banging shoulders, that’s an impressive physique nevertheless. If you’ve ever checked out a bodybuilding forum, where they are critiquing people’s physique, even if your arms are not impressive, if you have awesome shoulders you definitely go up in points on the physique scale. Some people have a genetic gift of being able to produce some ball busting shoulders, but others have to work immensely hard to acquire them. There are a couple of exercises, and rules you need to follow, to produce the shoulders you’ve always dreamed of.

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Subway: The healthy choices

As soon as you hear the name Subway, you’re going to automatically assume that everything on the menu is healthy. But, unfortunately as much as it may seem healthier than other forms of fast food, they have healthier options on their list and options you should stay away from. For a little example, let’s look at the Tuna sub. This happens to actually be my favorite sub, from subway. Hands down, no other sub place can make their tuna sub this good. But, unfortunately for me, this option is by far, the worst one. Sometimes, it’s actually pretty difficult to find the nutritional value of their tuna sub, from their website. It takes a little, looking around as it’s generally not always listed under the “All Sandwiches” option. You have to actually click on the All Sandwiches link, and go to the separate page. It doesn’t come up in the drop down list.

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All About Triceps

Most people assume that the biceps are the muscles of the arms, that gives you the look as if you’re bursting out of your sleeves. In fact, it’s the triceps that are the ones that make those t-shirt sleeves explode, not the biceps. Because of this misconception, people crunch out as much reps and as much exercises, on their biceps and tend to neglect their triceps. But, no worries, I am here to assist you, and direct you away from that pathway that would just frustrate you when no results occur.

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