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Reached 155lbs

It wasn’t really a whole week past, that I said I was going to have a short term goal to reach 155 lbs. I didn’t know how long it was going to take because I had stopped counting my calories, and just eating when I was hungry and making sure to get my protein supplements in to hit my macros for the day.

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If it fits my what? If it fits your macros. Remember those macronutrients that I had spoken about, some time ago; carbs, proteins and fats? Well this eating protocol basically tells you, that once something fits your macros, you can eat it! Basically, if you’ve consumed all your daily macros; 1 g of protein per LBM, 2 g of carbs per lb and 90 grams of fat (depending on if you’re on a cut or bulk and how much you’ve ganished for your fat distributions), but you still have more calories to meet your daily intake, you can fit the rest of those calories with anything you want. Some people even consume ice cream, pizza, cake, whatever it may be. Once it is fitting your macros; carbs, fats or proteins, and supplementing on it to make 1.5 g of protein or 2.5 of carbs, then you can eat it! Got 50 more grams of fat to consume to get to 150 grams? Or 30? Then you can eat whatever it is you want, to fill in those numbers.

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155lbs here I come!

So right now, I am about 153lbs. This is whether I have eaten to my full capacity, drank too much water, etc. I tend to weigh myself when I wake up in the morning, afte relieving myself and completely in the birthday suit. Guaranteeing me the most accurate reading on my scale. And thus far, for the past week plus, I have been at 153 lbs. I haven’t been going up or going down. Because of this, my short term goal is to reach 155 lbs. Right now, that’s my ultimate goal. No longer am I looking at the long term goal of 180 lbs. I haven’t been counting my calories because I have come to know exactly what I need to consume, to hit my macros, and my daily calorie intake to gain mass. I tend to just switch up some meals, to make it more interesting. Sometime today, if anyone is reading this at this time, I will hit on IIFYM (if it fits your macros), as promised to someone I spoke to yesterday, that I was going to write about it sometime this week. Not only that, but it basically falls into the mindset I have had currently, while on my bulk. During my quest to find weekly fitness quotes, I came across one that said basically, to give yourself small term goals and meet those goals instead of giving yourself long term goals and becoming overwhelmed with accomplishing them. So 155 lbs. Not sure the time[…]

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Giving Thanks

Thank you to all who have decided to trust my supplement store, to do their purchasing from. Helping me, helps you in the long run with free personal training online options. Some awesome deals going on in the store include: $7.99 $11.50 8oz @ $9.22 Free Super Saver! $25.38 Cookies & Cream 1 lb @ $10.18 $16.49 1 lb Vanilla Ice Cream @ $13.46 $23.25 More awesome deals to be found in the online supplement store! Yet again thanks for the support!

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All About Biceps

The most common form of exercise, that you see someone doing at the gym in general, are bicep curls. Anything in relation to the biceps, has always stood out. The double bicep pose, that every single individual who gets into bodybuilding loves to set up, wouldn’t be as impressive of a pose without the biceps! The attempts to see who can lift the most weight on a barbell, is another challenge that everyone’s ego can’t afford to not accept. The bicep muscle, is that long and thick muscle that extends from your armpit region to your elbow region. They aren’t big muscles but they are the one muscle that a lot of bodybuilders thrive to get perfect. Making it as big as possible with an insane peak is the epitome of bodybuilding. The side bicep pose, another famous bicep pose, is a look that people expect to happen, with someone in bodybuilding. So it’s no wonder, a lot of emphasis is placed on developing one’s biceps.

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