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Bulking and Cardio

Cardio and bulking? A lot of people would say that they are counterproductive to each other, but in reality it’s good for cardiovascular health and also reducing body fat. I’d have to admit, personally, that I wasn’t much for doing cardio while on a bulk, to maximize my gains, but recently it’s been a necessity. A lot of professional bodybuilders actually incorporate cardio into their bulking phases. The reason I didn’t want to add it is because I felt as if this wouldn’t help and actually hinder any muscle building routine I was on. But the key to doing cardio while bulking, is to make sure it’s minimal and not hours long, as if you were on a cut.

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Free Online Personal Trainer

I have set up an online personal trainer option, under the features section. You can check it out here! If you are looking to get specific meal plans, workout plans, and guidance from someone via the internet, telling you exactly what to do and providing you a step by step instructional guide, specifically designed for your individual physical goals, then this is exactly what you need. The prices would be very affordable, and wouldn’t exceed more than $50, for the maximum amount. I will be providing daily, weekly or monthly options. So if you’re looking for a meal plan, that’s only for maybe 1 day a week, then I will charge about $5 for it. You can check out the online personal trainer page, to get more information! If you purchase an item from my online store, through me, I’ll provide you with a free meal plan and a free workout plan. These will be workout plans and meal plans that can’t be found anywhere. So if you’re interested, head over to my online supplement store! Proof of purchase is necessary to receive this bargain. The proof can be your transaction number, email address, or anything that was related to the purchasing of the item.

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Training in my converse!

Now, I wouldn’t recommend using Chuck Taylor’s for cardiovascular exercises or aerobic workouts, but weight training? I say why not. It’s actually considered one of the best shoes to workout in. Especially if you’re into utilizing compound workouts like; deadlifts and squats. Last workout session, I moved from my regular running shoes to my Chuck Taylors. I recalled seeing some lifters in the gym with it, and other people on fitness forums talking about how they workout in them. The argument behind using Converse shoes for weight training, is because for such exercises like deadlifts, it allows for your feet to be flatter on the ground, causing you to be closer to it. The closer you are, the more weight you can pull because of the decreased distance for the weight to be traveled.

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Losing Body Fat

One of the biggest challenges to face anyone when they are starting off with fitness training, generally, is losing body fat. They tend to be bombarded with different weight loss products or diet plans and not having any proactive abilities, to actually choose a suited program for themselves. Not only that, but they generally don’t have the knowledge to distinguish between nonsensical articles/products from information that actually does work. The even harder part with losing body fat, is if you’re interested in getting “toned/lean” or as they call it in the bodybuilding world; shredded. Losing body fat and trying to maintain or build muscle, can sometimes be confusing. There’s a lot of conflict in the fitness community, on whether a person can gain muscle and lose fat at the same time. In essence, one can’t get big, while trying to get small. When you think about it deeply, it does kind of make sense. You wouldn’t become a bodybuilder via doing this but you can definitely get a physique you can build on and have others admiring.

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Me & Creatine Monohydrate

I have been off of creatine for a whole month now, but I plan to get back into it starting tomorrow. I have had to move my trainings to about 4 times per week; Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I am going to go after school/work, so the body part to be worked out, depends on how much people are there on Thursday and Friday. I plan to leave legs and arms for the weekend, as it’s nearly empty around those times and I love working out my arms! 🙂 The point of this post is to make people aware, that I am going to start back the creatine and show you how creatine monohydrate, does increase your lifts and is an essential product to have while bodybuilding, once you’ve at least passed the 3 month mark. I don’t recommend newbies to start supplementing on creatine, because it requires a lot of consumption of water and is one of those products you should use, after you’ve gotten the hang of training. So please wait 3 months, before starting. I had purchased creatine monohydrate when I first started lifting, but never took it. I actually waited till a year ago, to truly start supplementing or experimenting with it and it’s only this year, that I have been taking it regularly.

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