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High reps or low reps?

A  mix of people tend to approach me, asking certain questions based on their individual goals. Some are already on that path to becoming fit, others just want some guidance on how to get on that path. Whatever it may be, it’s always the question of; “How do I gain muscle mass?” or “How do I get toned?” Some people are actually pretty confused that when trying to gain muscle mass, your muscle has to undergo hypertrophy, which requires low reps and heavy weights. For the other way around, if you want to get toned, you do high reps with low weights and sometimes if you’ve bulked to a certain weight and it’s time to cut some of the body fat from your physique, some people actually just maintain doing lifts for 10 reps, with weights they can easily do 10 reps with. Now, I just spoke there that to gain muscle mass, one undergoes muscle hypertrophy, which is basically the increasing of the size of the muscle cells. This in turn, produces larger muscles.  For toning, people generally use high reps with lighter weights.  Although, if you do enough research one would see that toning isn’t even something that’s possible, unless you lose body fat. I would have to greatly agree with that, as the word “tone”, is thrown around a little too much and one thinks if they do 20 reps of a certain exercise, with like 15 lb weights, then they are going to get toned and they[…]

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Gym Choice

How to choose the right gym? That’s the question for today’s blog post. I will be trying my best, to provide some resources, questions to ask, and other little tid bit of information in regards to choosing the right gym. Sometimes picking a gym, as a beginner, can be frustrating. Not only that but sometimes we’re on a budget and getting into a high priced gym, isn’t even in our plans. So what to do then? These are the types of points I will be going through, and attempting to eradicate with some reasonable solutions and/or suggestions. First, if you are able to, I would recommend trying to find out if any one of these listed, recommended gyms, are in close proximity to you: Gold’s Gym Bally’s Fitness 24 Hour Fitness The reason I chose those 3, is from what I have heard from others and from my own personal experience. Gold’s gym is very much, veer towards bodybuilders and weight trainers. The amount of equipment in that gym, can support your mass building routines without a problem. The same goes along with the rest of the gyms listed. Also, majority of them are either 24hr or open very early and close very late. This will support the schedules for those who desire to workout in the morning or late at night after your day has come to a halt. When choosing a gym, you always want to look at the equipment available. Ask for a walk through, so you[…]

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Libido and Weight training

I was asked recently, what affect does weight training have on one’s libido? Does it increase it, or happen to lower it? Not only that but does exercising, period, have any affect at all, also? The reason people ask this is because it’s understood generally, that exercising increases testosterone which in turn will increase one’s libido, at least in men. This muscle building hormone, is also the sex hormone in males. As for females, the same is understood that one’s levels of testosterone would be increased, after such activities as weight training and cardiovascular exercises; like running. If we look solely on weight training, the increase testosterone levels can increase one’s libido. Also, any type of exercise that’s short term, lasting no more than 1 hour (mixed views on this, like if one stays hydrated enough it seems more than an hour is fine), will increase blood flow which in essence will then increase one’s libido. If anyone has ever done, at least as a female, laying curls you’d realize that your pelvis area is being worked out and an increased blood flow does occur. If you use your imagination, you can put two and two together and understand what this process can do, for one’s sex drive, at least in women. Exercise in general, is agreed upon to be a good solution to increasing one’s sex drive. The endurance that comes from it, also will help with one’s sex life. Not only does it have a physiological affect, it[…]

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Finding the time

The hard part of weight training, is trying to find the time to do it. If you’re a full-time student or working a 9 to 5, or a combination of the both, sometimes finding time is nearly impossible. But, if you’ve ever dedicated yourself to any type of sport, or challenge, you do know that nearly nothing is impossible. Yes, you may not have the time to go to the gym 5 times a week, but maybe you do? Or, maybe you’re too tired after a long day, to think about going to a gym, or you work the night shift, whatever it may be, there is always a solution! The solution to this problem is firstly, writing down exactly what it is that you do from the time you get up, to the time you go to bed. If you understand your schedule, you can find areas in it where you can include just 30 minutes of weight training. One doesn’t require that much in the gym, to see improvements. If you realize that right after work, you have a window where you can use to go to the gym, do it. Take a pre-workout supplement if you think you’re too exhausted and this will help immensely. Afraid you will miss dinner if you do this? Bring with you, your protein supplement in a shaker or your weight gainer, and when you’re done with training, mix it in water and consume! Or, prepare a sandwich or snack that’s specifically[…]

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My Journey

I just realized I never spoke thoroughly on what my long term fitness goals are. I figured, if I am going to chronicle my experiences, fitness accomplishments, diet routines, etc., then my readers should have some kind of idea of what I want to even accomplish. Obviously, my main desire which I have always, from the very beginning thrived to achieve is to gain muscle mass. If you’ve read my about me, or my “why I got into bodybuilding” post entry, you’d know that I started off as a very skinny young individual. I gradually, over time, reached the current weight I am at; 150lbs. But, my overall goal is to reach 180lbs. I have started this journey, earlier on in this year and plan to finish it probably around the same time that I started january-feburary 2012. Giving myself a full year to gain 45lbs (going from 135lbs to 180lbs). I am, what they call, on a bulk. I am trying to gain as much weight as possible and inadvertently, gain muscle mass also. As one can only gain so much muscle mass over a period of time, I will reach a certain limit at my 1 year mark. But when I reach 180lbs, I will cut down to 160lbs. My plan, thus far, has been to use an eating protocol that I spoke about a few days ago, called Intermittent Fasting. This is suppose to help keep my body fat percentage at a reasonable level. I believe I[…]

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