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Staying Motivated

How do you stay motivated? The gains are coming along slowly, but surely. Nevertheless, time and time again, you’re in and out of the gym, packing your meals for the day, counting your calories and watching what you eat. Yet, the gains aren’t coming as fast as you want them to, so you get unmotivated. It’s been 3 months and this is a long road. You just started weight training, it was exciting the first couple of times but as soon as the 3 month hits, you’re expecting or hoping for the body of a 1 year trainer but it isn’t happening. It’s very easy to lose motivation. I have been there before. A lot of people who are more fit than I am, physically, have lost motivation. You’d be surprised at people who have 6 packs, and are considered lean in the fitness community and anyone on the street, for that matter, are sometimes no longer motivated. The mere fact that you’ve wasted 3 months of your life, to only have a body of someone who’s been lifting 3 months, is frustrating as ridiculous as it may sound. Everyone wants that fabulous body over night, not recognizing, that that person with the fabulous body, didn’t get there overnight. I have spent nearly a whole year, of being consistent with my training. Whether it would have been to lose weight, maintain or to gain. I have focused all my energy, in keeping on track because I know that in the[…]

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Spot Reduction

Myth or Fact? If you went onto a fitness forum and asked anyone in there with any long term weight training or fitness experience, they would tell you that spot reduction is a myth. That you can’t do 50 sit ups or crunches and expect your midsection to lose the body fat it has stored in it. But then again, there’s research being done that says otherwise. Not only that but our old time idols like Arnold Schwarzenegger, used to do spot reduction training. So, is it a myth or a fact? I decided to do some research and it seems that there is still some mixed responses in regards to spot reduction. Firstly, spot reduction is the belief that if you workout a certain body part, generally the abdominal area, you can reduce your love handles via doing side crunches or working out on your abs via sit ups. Generally the long term consensus is that to lose body fat, in any area, one needs to lose body fat throughout their whole body. So basically to lose your body fat, you’re going to have to lose fat everywhere else and eventually fat will be loss in that desired area. On a T-nation article, which you can read here, they give you techniques you should use, to help with spot reduction. One of their suggestions, is to keep the area that you want to spot reduce warm while performing your exercises. For example, the author of the article used his[…]

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All About Abs

So it’s summer time! All about the beaches, and strutting around with the body you’ve been working out on during the winter, cutting early summer so that when the beach time comes around, as you take the shirt off the panties drop. I know, not much of an appropriate line, but let’s be real, the reason why people want a 6-pack, flat stomach or some type of appealing core, is to get the attention of the opposite sex or get that particular group of people to notice. I know, I know, there are the few who actually do it for themselves, but this article is for the majority. The ones who would love to pull the tee up, and expose all their hard work to any inquiring minds. Unfortunately, you haven’t been working out on those abs, so it’s all love handles and fat that you wish you could some how get rid of. Well, there’s only 1 more month in summer, and although it may be a little too late to go from fat around the core to straight 6-pack like a fitness model, we can get you onto that path of having a flat stomach and soon 6-pack abs, for the end of the summer. Firstly, the abdominal muscles are the paired muscles at the core of your body. They are anatomically referred to as the rectus abdominis muscles. The 6-pack effect is due to the tendinous intersection, that are fibrous brands that cross the abdominal muscles. Some[…]

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Dreaded Leg Day

The one thing about weight training, is constantly placing yourself in the mindset to always push more than you’ve ever pushed before. There is always a fear of not being able to accomplish this goal, or that you haven’t truly gained much strength to reach that point. The latter is an unfortunate moment, because then it means you have to either start eating more, or change up your training routine so that you can receive as much benefits from your overall workout.

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I am sure you’ve heard the term overtraining, a couple of times in your life. It’s a term used very often by fitness gurus, to make sure that people understand that training too much and too often, can sometimes be detrimental to your gains and even your health. Overtraining occurs, when you’ve been working out more than you should be. Because you’re not giving your body enough time to rest and recover, this will prevent any new mass from developing. In fact, overtraining can lead to a loss of appetite, loss of overall motivation and constant fatigue. Here are some guidelines to look out for, if you suspect you’re overtraining. Your muscles are still sore, when your next workout session comes around You are having a hard time falling asleep or staying asleep at night You’re feeling anxious or depress You have no energy at the beginning or even during your training You are not seeing any type of muscle gains, whatsoever You feel lazy and a lack of motivation The best way to overcome overtraining, if you feel you’ve encountered this wall, is by taking some time off. I will suggest maybe 5 to 7 days off, to help your body recover fully. Ease yourself back into your training, and make sure to follow your routine. Don’t believe you’re superman, who doesn’t require any type of rest, for their body to recover. You want gains, so you have to make sure you’re getting your 6 to 8 hours of[…]

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