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Caloring up Weight Gainers

Times are tough with the current economy, so the last thing you want to do is effectively, waste your supplements. Now, when I say waste, I say using the max amount of servings when you don’t have to. Not all the time, can one use 2 scoops of a weight gainer, which only gives you 16 servings per container. That’s 16 days of supplements! Definitely not enough for a bodybuilder or any fitness trainer looking to pack on serious muscles. So, what’s the solution? Some may find it a little surprising, but you can add items to your weight gainers, to up the calories in take. I will use my tactics personally, to convey what I am talking about even more clearly. I currently have ON Serious Mass, as my choice of weight gainer. The taste is up there with any of the other awesome weight gainers currently on the market. Anyhow, I happen to have the container that has about 8 servings per container. That’s really not much if I wanted to use 2 heaping scoops. So instead, I use 0.5 of the overall servings per session of a 2 part consumption of the ON Serious Mass. My first shake, is just the ON Serious Mass with 1 cup of skim milk. So no mixing of anything extra in there. Now, before bed, I decide I want to pack in as much calories in this shake to finish off my calories for the day and to keep me through[…]

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I’m a newbie, help!

Majority of the people who come to me for any type of fitness assistance, after they’ve seen piles upon piles of pictures of me, or just my profile pictures on various forums I am on, are newbies. I welcome them eagerly, because helping you, helps me. By helping you, I cement the knowledge so that it’s second nature. In fact, it helps me revamp my own training, when I write out what it is one NEEDS to be doing if they ever want to gain any muscle mass. In this one post, I am going to try to go through majority of the basic knowledge one needs to have when they enter bodybuilding. I am going to touch on macro-nutrients and what they are, what’s a split, what kind of training should one do when starting off, and what should one eat or consume, supplement wise, when starting off. Firstly, you need to figure out what your long term goals are. What would you like to improve, or what would you like to see your body go towards, when it comes to your overall physique. Do you want to become muscular, like a beast? Do you want to lose body fat, and lean out? Do you just want to lean out and just have a body of a fitness model? If so, you have to make up your mind. Generally, people’s goals tend to change over time, as they start training, but in the end, it’s almost nearly the same.[…]

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Joint Care

Spinach, a good source of glucosamine, that can help replace a huge supplementation for joint care. You probably didn’t know that and even further, you probably have no idea what glucosamine is. But don’t sweat it, neither did I until my joints started hurting me. Once you are going to engage in any type of heavy or strenuous exercise, that will put pressure on your joints, etc, glucosamine will become your new best friend. The reason for this is because, as we build muscle, we’re not developing enough support for our joints as our strength increases. Our body, unfortunately cannot keep up with the muscle building quickness that is occurring. So to help the body out, and produce glucosamine naturally, there are foods that one can consume; hence Spinach. I guess popeye had it right and we didn’t even realize it! Glucosamine basically, is a naturally occurring substance that’s found in one’s body, specifically the synovial joint fluid. This helps cushion the joints in our bodies. Not only does glycosamine assist with joint support it also it helps build tendons and ligaments, something a bodybuilder requires immensely. There are some supplements out there that a bodybuilder can consume to provide them the ample amount of joint care, but if you aren’t a pill person and would prefer natural supplementation from food products, but spinach isn’t your thing, you can also turn to consuming raw parsley. So if you’re a veggie person, this should do the job for you. Add some[…]

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Deadlift 140lbs for 5 reps

before i get to it, i just want to apologize for any grammatical or spelling errors that you may come across, if anyone is actually reading this. i am making this entry to keep track of my lifts, and rather do this here than on a piece of paper or book that i am going to possibly misplace. anyways, just started doing some serious leg workouts, along with deadlifts. so, i need to keep a track of what i am doing so that i can progress nicely, and keep lifing or increasing my lifts every workout session. so today, on my deadlift, i did 140 lbs. i am concluding this from two; 45s, and two; 25s plates. if my math is wrong, or if i am suppose to incorporate the bar, please let me know. i am a dense towards these kind of things because of me now starting. i was also asked to join a powerlifting crew, so i am seriously contemplating that. with school and everything, i don’t know if i’d have time to even compete, if i join it. so definitely have some thinking to do. anyways, so 140lbs for the deadlift, and i want to go up to 150lbs next weekend. i am 145-148 lbs right now, body weight wise. so i want to be deadlifting more than i weigh, obviously. so next week; 150. 2; 45s, 2; 25s and 2; 5s (if can find some, if not, two 10s and then that pushes me to[…]

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Why I got into bodybuilding

The reason why I got into bodybuilding, can be seen as the generalized reason nearly everyone gets into bodybuilding; to gain size. When I first started off the last semester of my senior year in high school, in 2003, I was about 110 lbs. I gained 15 lbs before the school year ended, and very quickly actually. Too quickly but it’s only later on did I learn, that’s what they call newbie gains. Afterward, college came around and I stopped but I was 125 lbs and a little happy about my gains. Fast forward some months, I got back into the lifting and gained about 10 more lbs. Leaving me at 135 lbs for a while. Then as school came to an end, and time was given to me, I did what they call a dirty bulk, trying to gain as much as possible and hit about 145 lbs. It seems I was very good at gaining in 10 lb increments lol. Anyways, so school started back and I ended up losing some of my weight, as expected but didn’t continue lifting. Ate about the same as I did on the bulk, and obviously gained some but never weighed myself around that time. Fast forward to summer of last year; 2010, I wanted to lose some of the body fat that I gained from over the years, with the dirty bulk and eating without training. So, I included a routine of a 5 day split, with 2 days of cardio.[…]

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