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Surviving the holidays

So it’s that time of the year again. We already had Thanksgiving and some people are probably experiencing the affects of that day all now, right when another hearty eating holiday is right around the corner. But, because of that, we don’t want to jump off the wagon and not be able to get back on it for a while. So this post is going to be focused on some little techniques you can use, to help keep on track and surviving the christmas holiday. We know it’s not just the day itself that’s the culprit but the days leading up to it and the days afterward, where if you have left over goodies, you are tempted to eat them. If you are looking to find some ways to get away from overindulging this Christmas holiday, keep reading!

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High Intensity Interval Training – revisted

I have spoken about high intensity interval training before in this blog and as with other concepts that have been spoken on again, I am back to providing some more information that would benefit you from using HIIT. This cardio style is generally what you see done, to provide the physique that most sprinters have. As you can see from the picture, exceedingly long sessions of cardio doesn’t yield the maximum amount of muscle but with HIIT, you can retain your muscle or even build it, while perform some intense cardio for short spurts, rather than very long ones. The thing about all these different forms of cardio, is the different tweaks that can be done to it, to keep the intensity going. There is no point to get good at something and keep at it, because that would just be you at a maintenance level rather than at a fat loss level. We all know the body is able to adapt, so once it does, this is one tweak you can make to your every loving HIIT session and keep the fat loss coming!

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IIFYM – Revisited

IF IT FITS YOUR MACROS, the eating protocol that most strict fitness experts may not advise their clients to follow, but I have personally tried it and have gotten excellent results from it. It’s no miracle eating protocol and it’s not the eating protocol to save all eating protocols. It’s a concept that I have seen others yield great results from and myself. I have previously spoken about IIFYM (IF IT FITS YOUR MACROS), in this blog but now, I want to talk about how to use this eating protocol to your own personal benefit. I had mainly hit the points of what it was, and how it generally works but I want to make it a little clearer this time around. Now, a lot of people when they see IIFYM, they assume that they can eat whatever they want and call it a day, which puts a negative name on the whole concept. In all honesty, IF IT FITS YOUR MACROS, is meant to allow one to eat the things they like, and also keep to their diet and fitness goals on track. But, if you’re interested in learning how to use this eating protocol to your benefit, please keep reading this article!

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Fasted Cardio

Since I have been cutting myself, I have been looking into different methods of accelerating my fat loss, after I have finished using one method. First was Intermittent Fasting, next was just eating regularly but utilizing HIIT (high intensive interval training), and soon it’s going to be using an EC stack and then along with it, fasted cardio. Each one of these forms of dieting or training protocol, has yielded excellent results. Soon, I will be able to critique the use of an EC stack and fasted cardio, which you can follow this journey through my own personal fitness blog. I have done my research and here I am providing you with the information on why fasted cardio will work. Eventually, I will write up an article on the use of an EC stack, to effectively lose body fat, so keep tuned for that! But if you’re interested in learning about fasted cardio, please keep reading!

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How to calculate caloric intake

Nutrition is considered the MOST important aspect of fitness training. A lot of people who initially get into fitness training of any type, particularly those who are more focused on the bodybuilding component of it, fail to recognize the importance of nutrition. They focus mainly on what’s happening in the gym and neglect to develop a proper diet or to calculate the right amount of calories they are suppose to consume to get a particular goal they are seeking. The reason for this, is pretty obvious. People observe the training at the gym but don’t see what these individuals who have the 6 packs, developed pecs and definition in their arms, are putting into their mouth when they leave the gym. It’s a type of illusion that can fool a beginner to be convinced that training is the ultimate component of fitness training and not the diet. This article isn’t going to focus on what types of diet to consume, because that’s been talked about many times in here and will be talked many times again. But rather, this article will focus on the very EASY way to calculate your caloric intake if you find the link I have under the Useful Links, is a tad bit too confusing.

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