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Really working that muscle

I am writing this post because recently I was training my mom at the gym and I just realized along with some others at my gym, that form is something they’ve thrown out of the window. People think that lifting weights and just putting them down is sufficient but lack the understanding that proper form with reasonable weight, will produce better results than half-reps of heavy weights unless proper form is performed previously. In this article, I am going to talk about how to really work that muscle and reap the best benefits from working out, in the first place. I see it time and time again and wish I could assist those in the gym with performing those exercises properly, but it’s not my place really and people tend to love to be left alone while training. What I do know, is that at least through this article, I can get my readers to perform their exercises properly, and give them an idea on how to know they are performing those exercises with proper form.

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How much protein, is enough protein?

The question many tend to ask me over and over again, is the simple one; how much protein is enough protein? There are basic ratios that assist in acquiring the right amount of protein in take, to build muscle mass but, there’s also goals that need to be looked at to assume how much protein is needed for a particular body type. Someone who’s a hardgainer, may require a little more because of the overall requirement of calories to gain weight period, while other body types may just follow the basics. This article is going to just focus on the basics and not go into the nitty gritty of it, I’d rather leave that for another post. In fact, I am just letting you know why the numbers are the way it is, why you should or shouldn’t follow it and at the end of the day it’s up to you to choose which of the 2 ratios, is the one for you and you’re long term muscle building or maintaining goals.

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The Correct Lateral Raises

This entry is going to be short and sweet, and straight to the point. Many of us have been performing certain exercises, in ways that do not directly target the muscles we’re looking to train. When we do bicep curls, some of us swing the barbell or dumbbell, without giving much resistance to the bicep itself. Did you know, it’s the negative (down movement), that is the most effective part of the bicep curl? Well, now you do. That’s why it’s always highlighted by those who are in the know, to slowly move the weight down, let the muscle completely extend and then slowly bring it back up in controlled movements. One of the best exercise to work on the peak of your bicep and really work it out, is the preacher curls. This gives you an idea, of how certain exercises, truly target the muscle group you want to. But what about the shoulders? Preacher curls is a very basic exercise and no one would deny that movement and the form involved in it, but what about lateral raises? Did you know, most likely you have been performing the lateral raises completely wrong? If you aren’t sure, keep reading to find out the proper way to perform lateral raises.

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Juices Count

It’s sometimes a fighting battle when it comes to this competition we call fat loss. Through the basics, we shed some body fat while building or retaining muscles, depending on where in the training hierarchy you fall. But one of the best ways to lose weight, is to count your calories. Knowing exactly how much calories one is consuming, helps to keep their weight loss program on track. But what about those juices? I have seen people drinking their juices in place of the sodas and as awesome as that is, I doubt they realize that that too, needs to be counted. Remember, the reason we count our calories is because we want our body’s metabolic activities to be fueled by the fat we already have stored in our body, rather than using acquired energy from outside sources (e.g food), so counting helps keep this fat loss mechanism on a continued flow. This is also why some people prefer doing a low carbohydrate diet because this encourages even more fat loss because your body’s number one choice for fuel, is carbohydrates. But that’s not the topic of this entry 😛 I know some of you who are reading this, are like “duh”, of course you have to count your juices but then there are some who are still in the dark about this. So keep reading if you already don’t count your juices and to learn why, it’s important to start doing so immediately. Remember knowing is power, from this[…]

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Anyone who’s now getting into the fitness lifestyle, tend to follow the normal path and focus on the basics. This is very good for progress and to prevent injury, but as one progresses, they need to venture off into other aspects of weight lifting that can yield some awesome results. Generally, we focus on doing one exercise, for 1 set, with one body part and then break for 45-60 seconds and then move onto the same body part, doing the same exercise. With supersets, you’re going to be allowed to continuously work on a particular muscle group, but utilize another exercise for that body part. There are different variations to supersets to make it more challenging as time goes by and to also make it more interesting, basically tricking your body into continuously growing to adapt to the new challenges and never become stagnant and stalling from the lack of new stimulation. For this article though, I am going to focus on the basic premise behind supersets and the basic routine that goes along with it. Later on, I will expand with other forms of supersets in other articles in the future. If you are interested in incorporating supersets into your routine, I suggest you continue reading! 🙂

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