Reached 155lbs

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Reached 155lbs

It wasn’t really a whole week past, that I said I was going to have a short term goal to reach 155 lbs. I didn’t know how long it was going to take because I had stopped counting my calories, and just eating when I was hungry and making sure to get my protein supplements in to hit my macros for the day.

It seems that I have hit the 155lb mark, before the month’s end! I am extremely enthusiastic by reaching this little mildstone of mine. The new goal obviously, is going to be 160lbs. I am thinking when I reach 160, I will do an even slower bulk, but I am not sure at the moment.

I know 2 lbs, is a very short term goal, but it’s a goal nevertheless. So now it’s 5 more lbs. At that point, I will give a detailed guide on how I went from 135 lbs to the 160lbs, basically gaining 25 lbs in about 10 months.

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