Really working that muscle

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Really working that muscle

I am writing this post because recently I was training my mom at the gym and I just realized along with some others at my gym, that form is something they’ve thrown out of the window. People think that lifting weights and just putting them down is sufficient but lack the understanding that proper form with reasonable weight, will produce better results than half-reps of heavy weights unless proper form is performed previously.

In this article, I am going to talk about how to really work that muscle and reap the best benefits from working out, in the first place. I see it time and time again and wish I could assist those in the gym with performing those exercises properly, but it’s not my place really and people tend to love to be left alone while training.

What I do know, is that at least through this article, I can get my readers to perform their exercises properly, and give them an idea on how to know they are performing those exercises with proper form.

Recently someone asked me if I am a weightlifter and I recalled learning that there’s a difference between being a weightlifter and a bodybuilder, so my answer was that I am a bodybuilder. I lift weights so that my body can be sculpted into a particular manner, where certain symmetrical aesthetics is required and understood. Lifting heavy weights isn’t necessary but what’s mainly necessary is performing exercises with EXCELLENT form by reducing the weight so that those exercises can be executed properly.

I never truly appreciated proper form, until recently when I started recomping. With losing some body fat and gaining some muscle, the difference in the composition of my body has allowed me to really feel the workouts as I do them.

The key to understanding if you are performing an exercise properly, is first using a light weight. Using a 10 lb dumbbell or whatever it is, tend to be sufficient. Then slowly moving the weight through the beginning point of the exercise to the end point and then flexing and contracting the muscle at the end of the exercise, helps with this immensely. Good example of this, is when doing bicep curls. You bring your bicep up slowly, and contract the muscle at the top and then wait for a few seconds and then move your arm down slowly. Then you repeat the movement again. This gives you an excellent idea of how the exercise is suppose to be performed, when you increase the weight to something a little heavier. Once you have this mind-muscle control, over what is suppose to be felt when executing the exercise, perfect form will come along as the weight is increased.

Feeling the burn at the end of the exercise, is when you know that you’ve performed that workout properly. You start feeling more tension in the targeted muscle, instead of when you see people just swinging the weight and shoulders come into play or other parts of their body. I have seen better gains through using concentrated form while training, rather than trying to lift heavy weights just to say I can do it. Not only that but even when I lift heavy, for low reps, I am still performing the exercise with proper form regardless of the weight increase. Slow and precise movements, wins every time!

So remember, once you are performing the exercises properly, that burn in the targeted muscle group will be experienced guaranteed. You will be working out that muscle to it’s full potential and make some awesome gains!

Try it out and let me know the progress you make!

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