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Staying Motivated

Benidorm ExerciseHow do you stay motivated? The gains are coming along slowly, but surely. Nevertheless, time and time again, you’re in and out of the gym, packing your meals for the day, counting your calories and watching what you eat. Yet, the gains aren’t coming as fast as you want them to, so you get unmotivated. It’s been 3 months and this is a long road. You just started weight training, it was exciting the first couple of times but as soon as the 3 month hits, you’re expecting or hoping for the body of a 1 year trainer but it isn’t happening.

It’s very easy to lose motivation. I have been there before. A lot of people who are more fit than I am, physically, have lost motivation. You’d be surprised at people who have 6 packs, and are considered lean in the fitness community and anyone on the street, for that matter, are sometimes no longer motivated.

The mere fact that you’ve wasted 3 months of your life, to only have a body of someone who’s been lifting 3 months, is frustrating as ridiculous as it may sound. Everyone wants that fabulous body over night, not recognizing, that that person with the fabulous body, didn’t get there overnight.

I have spent nearly a whole year, of being consistent with my training. Whether it would have been to lose weight, maintain or to gain. I have focused all my energy, in keeping on track because I know that in the long run, results will come.

Thus far, I have seen some crazy results since I have kept consistent for a long period of time, than in the past. I have definitely gained immense size, my muscles are getting bigger without a doubt and my lifts have increased. What used to be painfully heavy for me, is now what I would do a normal 10 rep with.

Might not be impressive lifts but I moved from 25 lbs for 10 reps, to 35 lbs with 10 reps with ease. I don’t have to struggle, or use any cheat form with this. Also, my tricep push downs have increased immensely also. I am now pushing a 100 lbs plus on it, for 8 reps. Finally, bench press has gone up also. I tend to utilize dumbbells for the lack of a spotter, and I have moved from 40s to 50s now, and going up. Same with the bicep barbell curls. I went from bearly curly 40 lbs, to now doing 60 lbs for 10 reps.

So, this should be motivation for you. I have gained this strength in the space of 6 months, max. Nothing woth having, is going to come right away or easy. Consistency is key and I have my own testimonial to the fact that consistency does work. Continuously getting in your protein and carbs, along with working out no matter if it’s just body weight training because you cannot reach the gym. Just keep doing it. Also, if you’ve been training for 6 months, you are allowed to take a week break. Just a whole week of not lifting. People are always under the impression, they will lose their gains if they stop lifting. This isn’t true. Just keep eating at a maintenance calories, and you will be fine. Get in your protein and you’ll be alright.

Imagine what you would look like at your ultimate goal, and tell yourself, if you fail to go to the gym, eat, or stay motivated, you’ll NEVER reach it. Make it nearly, the most important physical accomplishment you’ve ever achieved in your life.

Weight training distinguishes you from the rest, immediately. So even with your 3 months, you’re not happy with what you see, others will notice the change. Accept the compliments and let that be your motivation. If you feel no compliments are coming, then change your routine. Check your calories and your diet, make sure you’re consuming how much you’re suppose to. Sometimes the reason we may not be going anywhere when it comes to our lifts, or how we look in the mirror, is because 1 or some aspects of our training lifestyle is out of wack. Whether that be your diet, supplementation, sleep, reps, etc. Check it, and you will find a flaw, if you’re not seeing gains, I guarantee it!

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