Surviving the holidays

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Surviving the holidays

So it’s that time of the year again. We already had Thanksgiving and some people are probably experiencing the affects of that day all now, right when another hearty eating holiday is right around the corner. But, because of that, we don’t want to jump off the wagon and not be able to get back on it for a while. So this post is going to be focused on some little techniques you can use, to help keep on track and surviving the christmas holiday. We know it’s not just the day itself that’s the culprit but the days leading up to it and the days afterward, where if you have left over goodies, you are tempted to eat them.

If you are looking to find some ways to get away from overindulging this Christmas holiday, keep reading!

There are all types of foods that are going to be prepared for that special day this Christmas holiday. That would include ham, turkey, chicken, some other meat, goodies to eat like cookies, cake, ice cream. I mean it’s a feast fit for a king, but we all know that the stereotypical king is a fat one. So he can afford to indulge in a dinner like that but the rest of us, who are either on a lean bulk or cutting and trying to lose some extra body fat from our frames, we cannot afford to overindulge. Not only that but we don’t want to come off as a prune either on Christmas day and not sample anything that our family slaved over, to make for us.

Some people might see the meat and other good carbohydrates, and think it’s okay to indulge as it’s protein and “good” carbs, so aye why not? As true as that is, calories in vs. calories out is always the method for losing weight. If you are looking to lose weight or body fat and you are eating too much protein above your deficit, you cannot think you aren’t going to store the unused protein as fat, now can you? Same goes for bulking. Your body can only use so much calories in a day’s time, for it’s metabolic activities without using what it isn’t using at the moment, as stored fat. So all in all, it’s not in anyone’s interest to eat everything in sight while at a Christmas party or family Christmas dinner.

There are a few things one can do, to keep on track and enjoy the Christmas parties, Christmas dinner, or new years or whatever.

1) Eat something before you leave

– Obviously, if you aren’t too hungry when you arrive at a Christmas party or a dinner, you will not overindulge and will pick properly. Generally when we go to a party or dinner with our stomach in our hands, we over consume and feel guilty afterwards.

2) Plan ahead

– If you don’t want to consume something before going out to eat, then plan on what you are going to eat and what you aren’t going to eat at the dinner/party. You can put them into a calorie counter and decide which things you will stay away from and which things you will indulge in.

3) Do a day of intermittent fasting

– Depending on what time the dinner or party is, choose to get up in the morning and not eat anything. Or, from the night before stop eating and wake up in the morning and still don’t eat until you reach to the dinner or the party. Then, you can overindulge and generally be within the caloric intake for the day. The macros may not be in check but at least you will be within your window of caloric intake, to not feel bad and not be steps back from your current progress.

4) Eat in moderation!

– Everything in life is in moderation. Having that ability to consume the correct serving portion for a particular dish, can keep you on track even when eating ice cream or cake. If you are familiar with how much calories certain things are, it will make it way easier for you to know how much to eat and keep on track. But if counting calories isn’t an expertise of yours, without a program at hand, then you can have a fair idea in your head that two slices of cake isn’t good, 2 scoops of ice cream isn’t good, eating the chicken, turkey and whatever other meat in high amounts isn’t good. One scoop of rice, 1 scoop of this and some other side, along with all the meats available, isn’t good. We all know when we’re overeating, so don’t say you wouldn’t know when you’ve had enough of something ๐Ÿ˜›

5) Think of your fitness goal

– If you think you will have a hard time not being able to consume too much during this Christmas holiday, think of your long term goal. Remember where you want to be, or what you had set for yourself. Recognize that if you overindulge, you will not experience the affects of it now or in a few days but rather in a few weeks. The calories consumed today, isn’t processed to show any type of change in your body, today. What I mean by that is that our body’s clock, works on a different time frame than what we know as time.

6) Have self control!

– This is the time of the year, where you can practice discipline. Personally, I see bodybuilding or fitness training as a way of life and a part of my life that I have absolute control over. Where that I can modify certain parts of it, to yield me certain gains. It’s also a part of my life that lesson learned, are trickled over to other parts of my life. The discipline to continuously go to the gym, count my calories and keep on track, is something that can benefit my whole life and not just in the gym or related to fitness. So try controlling yourself this xmas vacation, and see if you can beat the temptations that come along!

Well, that’s about it. I hope you could use one or more of these tips that I personally use when I go to dinners, parties, functions or just out to eat with the family but keep on track. I am still continuously losing body fat steadily, despite consuming some ice cream, or cake every now and then. So you can easily enjoy your christmas holiday and not feel guilty about it!

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