The art of losing belly fat

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The art of losing belly fat

I have written about the basics of losing fat, and provided you the frame work you would need if fat loss is in your current or long term goals. The thing about it is that that was sufficient enough information one would need, to base any diet plan or fitness routine geared towards losing weight. The unfortunate thing is, a lot of people online have made an industry out of selling books and e-books that are fully written on the subject of fat loss. I mean, let’s just face it, the world is on a quick spiral down, when it comes to the increase in overweight or out of shape individuals in our current society. Nothing is ever good, when the children of our community are moving more away from physical activities like being outdoors to engaging in the activities that keep them confined in their homes on their video game consoles, in front of the tv or surfing the internet.

So because of this, I don’t really blame them for wanting a piece of the pie, involving the fitness fad that’s going on right now but I have a huge problem when the information they have provided, that should be available to the masses for free. Fortunately for you, there are a lot of free websites out there that provide this information without asking for a penny out of your pocket. The reason for this is because, there is just a few basic ideas one needs to look at when they want to lose body fat; eat less than they put out and stay away from carbs!

A good example is; if you have a man who has a beer belly, loves beer like there is no other but decides he wants to lose his belly, what does he do? All he has to do is stop drinking that beer and his belly goes down significantly! Beer is very high in carbohydrates, which evidently enough just goes to your stomach. Now if this said gentleman decides that he needs to lose more belly fat than what was lost from drinking less beer or none at all, he has to stay away from such foods like bread, rice and pasta. With a combination of less carbs in his diet, not drinking beer anymore, being on a calorie deficit (eating less than he is putting out through physical activities) and adding some cardio into his routine, his belly fat will disappear. No matter what.

A good suggestion: one should not stay on a no-carb diet for more than 10 days. A high protein diet can be harmful to your liver after a period of time. After the 10 days, start carbing back up, slowly. Make sure you only consume about 1 gram of carbs per body weight in the long run.

It’s as simple as that. Stay away from bread, rice and pasta, and let me know what happens to your stomach, once you add the cardio and eat 500 calories below your maintenance….you WILL see a reduction in fat on your stomach, guaranteed! Why purchase a book to get this information? Try it out, and let me know. Email me, and let’s see if science wins all the time!

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