The Basics

The Basics

The most important part of figuring out where to get started when you’ve made that awesome decision to change your life style and become a healthier you, is finding out what needs to be done. A lot of the information out there, are what we call ‘broscience’. It’s information that generally seems to work, but to be frank, can slow down someone’s progress and make them frustrated and demotivated. We don’t want any of that here, so I have worked on writing up some entries that are specific to getting you started.

So, take your time, get familiar with the basics of lifting and training, and build a program around this information. Taking things simple, in the beginning is the best thing one can do. Getting any more complicated and you’d end up no where but the same place you’ve started. When you feel you’ve progressed from the basics, you can then proceed to gathering more information from the rest of the website. If you are one who can build knowledge without being overwhelmed with it, then you can go right ahead and educate yourself on the other aspects of training. So when that point in your training where you’ve plateaued or need new routines arrives, you can make the needed changes, immediately.


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