The Correct Lateral Raises

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The Correct Lateral Raises

This entry is going to be short and sweet, and straight to the point. Many of us have been performing certain exercises, in ways that do not directly target the muscles we’re looking to train. When we do bicep curls, some of us swing the barbell or dumbbell, without giving much resistance to the bicep itself. Did you know, it’s the negative (down movement), that is the most effective part of the bicep curl? Well, now you do. That’s why it’s always highlighted by those who are in the know, to slowly move the weight down, let the muscle completely extend and then slowly bring it back up in controlled movements. One of the best exercise to work on the peak of your bicep and really work it out, is the preacher curls. This gives you an idea, of how certain exercises, truly target the muscle group you want to.

But what about the shoulders? Preacher curls is a very basic exercise and no one would deny that movement and the form involved in it, but what about lateral raises? Did you know, most likely you have been performing the lateral raises completely wrong? If you aren’t sure, keep reading to find out the proper way to perform lateral raises.

Most of us were shown to do lateral raises, based on the anatomical understanding of lateral positioning. This goes along with biomechanics, where you learn that lateral means on the side of your body. With lateral raises, you move your hands away from your body, raising it to the level of your shoulders.

Well, the fact is, that’s the WRONG way to do lateral raises. The correct way to do lateral raises, to hit the muscles at it’s max, will be rotating the hand as you are going up so that your thumbs are higher than your elbows. Below is the correct form, when it comes to lateral raises:

Some people are going to argue that the above, is just a rear lateral raise, when in fact if you actually perform this workout, you will see how it differs from the rear lateral raises. You feel the sensation in your upper aspect of your shoulders and the rear aspect of it more than with the previous lateral raises we used to do, completely working out your shoulders properly.

One can still incorporate the old lateral raises, as it will target that part of the shoulder. So it will be alternative ways of hitting the shoulder muscles, from all angles.

Try the workout for yourself and see how it hits the head of the shoulder, way more than the regular side lateral raises, we’ve been accustom to using.

Just to add more credit to this form, look at some of the expert bodybuilders and their shoulder workouts on You Tube. You can see that they incorporate all these forms of lateral raises, not just the old-conventional lateral raises. Sometimes you even see them only using dumbbells for the correct lateral raises, and using the cable machine for the old lateral raises.

Again, try it out and see how it goes.

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