Training in my converse!

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Training in my converse!

Chuck TaylorsNow, I wouldn’t recommend using Chuck Taylor’s for cardiovascular exercises or aerobic workouts, but weight training? I say why not. It’s actually considered one of the best shoes to workout in. Especially if you’re into utilizing compound workouts like; deadlifts and squats.

Last workout session, I moved from my regular running shoes to my Chuck Taylors. I recalled seeing some lifters in the gym with it, and other people on fitness forums talking about how they workout in them. The argument behind using Converse shoes for weight training, is because for such exercises like deadlifts, it allows for your feet to be flatter on the ground, causing you to be closer to it. The closer you are, the more weight you can pull because of the decreased distance for the weight to be traveled.

A lot of people are surprised and confused, when they see someone in the gym working out in Converse Chuck Taylor’s All Stars, but they are absolutely unaware on it’s benefits. They don’t even realize, training barefoot would be way better, than training unnaturally in shoes. But, because of the protocols in gyms, you’re going to have to wear some type of footwear. Some people maybe a little scared to train barefooted (I know I would), so why not go for something comfortable like Chuck Taylors?

Some people go out there, rushing to purchase all these expensive running shoes and they aren’t even doing the level of running, that is the purpose of having those types of shoes. As quoted by, as I couldn’t have said it any better, the benefits of good lifting shoes are:

  • More Stability. Better traction against the floor and improved balance under the bar because the soles are hard.
  • More Strength. Your heels will sense the pressure of the weight better, which will make your legs contract harder.
  • Better Technique. Good lifting shoes will fix many technique issues. You’ll sit back better, your heels will stop coming off the floor, …
  • More Safety. Better balance, better technique, … All of it decreases the risks of injury during lifting.
  • Sounds like 4 good reasons to use Chucks during weight training sessions and running shoes, during cardio sessions. I mean, I have packed my converse right now, awaiting to head to the gym. Very comfortable, highly stabled footing and definitely don’t have a problem with planting my foot securely on the floor to make sure that I am balanced enough to begin a certain exercise. Safety first, is what I always say ๐Ÿ˜€

    After all this has been said, I think you need to reward yourselves with some awesome lifting shoes, that actually does what it’s suppose to do!

    My favorites:


    Converse Chuck Taylor’s All Star

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