Weight Lifting and Women

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Weight Lifting and Women

I just want to settle something once and for all, because it’s a huge misconception and falsehood that I am a little irritated by. I think women should know exactly what they are getting into, when it comes to weight training. They have a warped sense of what can happen once they pick up a dumbbell and I think men have it also.

When it comes to weight training and women, the woman needs to know what kind of physique she wants. She’s not going to suddenly turn into a shehulk, if she starts lifting weights. I see girls avoiding weights like it’s the plague because they have a misconception yet again, on what they will look like. You will not look like me, if you’re curling 10 lb weights, or squatting in the 50s. I see them using just the bars, and doing deadlifts and so forth. Fine, that’s cool but you’re not going to get huge like a man, if you lift weights.

Yet, there’s guys who think that if a woman lift weights, she’s going to only start looking like a fitness model. How naive of them to assume just because females have a lower set of testosterone surging through their body, that they wouldn’t have a physique nearly as equal to them? If you have a goal, to look muscular, nearly as much as some dudes, as a female, YOU CAN DO IT! You can also do it, without the assistance of anabolic substances. All you have to do, is lift heavy. Starting lifting in the range that dudes lift in, and you will get an awesome physique. Not even men can get to the massive sized muscular look, without using anabolic substances. So don’t let them deter you from what it is you desire to look like.

Continue reading if you require a visual recap of what was said. I am writing this because I want you women, to recognize your worth and not let generalizations get you down, thinking you can’t achieve something because of some unaware individuals.

You are not going to look like this once you start lifting weights. I don’t care how much protein, creatine or weight gainer you consume, as a female, you’re not going to just start gaining all this muscle by just lifting. It’s not going to happen. This is one of the examples of the misconceptions that women tend to have.

This is what you can look like, if you lift weights. This is based on what you desire for your physique. You can go beyond this, but you don’t and wouldn’t look like the above if you stick a routine of low weights and high reps just for toning.

As for what a female can do, with just weight gainer, whey protein supplements and creatine, check out my pictures. That’s what a woman can do, after some months of training and eating properly. Now, I am not at my optimum level and I am still bulking but the idea is that there’s a difference in look and it’s all attaining through different routines and supplementation.

So please, don’t fear away from weight training because your friends, boyfriend or family think you’re gonna look like the first female in the pictures I posted, when in fact, if you utilize the knowledge on my blog and the second image is what you want to look like, it’s attainable.

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