Workout Plan

Workout Plan

A collection of workout plans that actually worked for me. From heavy muscle building programs, regular 5 day splits, upper body/lower body splits, etc.

I will try to include some beginner workout plans, even though I have passed that point. But I wouldn’t want anyone who’s a beginner in weight training, to enter into an intermediate or expert level workout plan and get injured. So please, when picking a program, look at the advancement level and pick appropriately to your current abilities.

* workout plans are not always the conventional workout plans. For example, they aren’t: day 1: chest, day 2: arms, etc. They tend to require more out of you, than a general split. So if you looking for something to change up your current routine, this is good to use for max of 3 weeks. If you become too exhausted, go back to a regular split!




*Note: These 4 day splits, even though they are part of a series of continuous 4 day splits, until you reach the 4th week, you can actually use only 1 of the week, 4 day splits and use that for as long as you desire; until a new routine is needed. After 6 plus months, a new routine should be established. Example: only using ‘week 1 of a 4 day split’, for duration of this particular routine.



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