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The 411 on low carb diets

There are a lot of different dieting fads out there, which most people tend to draw towards because it promises them a very quick solution to their weight problem. Although some of these fads have merit to it, a lot of people do not place much time into researching the overall concept that’s related to the dieting protocol. Instead, they read one article while searching google for suggestions on how to lose weight, and jump head first into it. This in itself, can be very dangerous because when the reality of the diet sets in, and they realize it’s not a long term solution to their problem, they drop it immediately and gain all the weight back. Once this happens, they give up their fitness journey, figure they are never going to lose the weight, gain the muscle or what have you, and throw in the towel prematurely.

This article, is written with some insight on how low carb dieting can work but how one needs to be very much aware of the side affects that come with low carb dieting. I am not just going to tell you that low carb dieting is a risky diet plan, but I will tell you why it is risky and how you can overcome these risks and stay healthy!

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How much protein is too much protein

Ever wondered if you could just consume the majority of your protein in one protein shake and call it a day? I mean chugging on a protein shake every 3-4 hours, just to make sure you get in the maximum amount of protein you need for the day, can be pretty exhausting and sometimes a task that cannot be accomplished.

This is an interesting topic because of the fact that a lot of us don’t have the luxury to eat that many meals throughout the day and require consuming large amounts of protein to either maintain our muscle mass or actually grow some.

I have taken the time to look over some research and provide the break down found in them, to help ease your mind on this matter.

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How much time to spend at the gym

How much time to spend in the gym, is one of the biggest questions a person needs to ask themselves when they are starting off. Is too much time counter productive? Is there a certain length of time one needs to spend in the gym, so they can attain the goals they desire or does it not really matter?

In this article I attempt to provide a quick and detailed answer to this question, to help you determine how long you really do need to spend in the gym.

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Give a thought to doing Yoga

Incorporating yoga into your muscle building routine, can have some great benefits in the area of endurance, flexibility, muscle recovery and more. The fact that balance is one of the most important aspect of weight training, this article would benefit any serious lifter. It will explain why yoga should be incorporated at least once a week, into your current weight lifting program and how to find some videos to help you do just that.

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