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Why all proteins aren’t alike

Did you know that not all proteins are alike? In fact, some of the foods you may consume, may lack one or more of the essential amino acids that one needs to consume, to sustain a healthy lifestyle and an optimal functioning of the body.

This article takes an in depth look on how important protein is for bodybuilders and how acquiring all the needed amino acids into our system, is highly essential not just for the average joe but for building muscle mass. I mean, at the end of the day, you’re on this website to do just that. You are reading my blog also, to acquire that information. If you are a vegetarian, you may want to read this article and then do your own research on how to improve your overall diet, so that you too can consume all the essential amino acids that you need, to acquire that physique that you want!

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Artificial Sweetners and Anxiety/Heart Palpitation

Since the increased acknowledgment that high consumption of simple sugars can cause Type II Diabetes, the introduction of artificial sweeteners has been at an all time high. We’re told that it is better, when we’re dieting, to replace our sugary goods with artificial sweeteners, to help with the negative health effects. Despite that, there are some things you need to know about your lovely artificial sweeteners.

In this post, I address one of the negative effects of artificial sweeteners, and how I personally am dealing with it.

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So I am going to be starting my bulking routine pretty soon and I have listed my caloric intake, my macros and basically my routine. It’s not a literal break down of my routine but I will be including those as the days goes by. I will also include a screen shot of my caloric break down as I use a calorie counter. I am hoping to gain some nice mass, before I do an extreme fat loss routine 🙂

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Hammer Curls

So today was my chest and bicep day and I decided to workout my biceps first instead of chest. This was done, so I could max out on my biceps lifts, rather than get pre-exhausted by my chest workouts and maxing out there, then reaching biceps and not being able to max out at all.

I have included a you tube video that I took of me performing my hammer curls with 50 lb dumbbells. I have two more videos on my you tube channel, one with 40s and one with 45s. The 50s was a first attempt 🙂

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Heavy weight training and Joint Pain

If you plan to push your body beyond what you expect it to do, you will face certain problems and issues that could hinder your progress. Athletes of all types, experience some form of joint issue throughout their career, whether the athlete is one who is doing it for fun or as an actual career. For professional athletes, they have people there (coaches, medical experts in the area of sports medicine, etc), to help them with recovering from these issues or preventing them in the future. For the average, mere mortal like you and I, we have to find our own solutions to these problems.

As joint issues is an inevitable part of heavy weight training, knowing how to treat it (at home remedies to help relieve the pain), and what to do to prevent it from reoccurring, is the best solution to the whole problem.

In this post, I provide you all the information you need to recover or prevent joint issues.

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