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The Downside of Leg Pressing

I am sure you have heard about or have seen the leg press machine, and even wondered if it was necessary to even use it as part of your leg routine. I will personally admit, that I had always felt that doing leg presses, was something I had to do and incorporate into my leg day workout. In fact, I was so adamant about doing it, that I always told myself that doing my leg press was much more important than my back squat, so if I was crunched for time, that was the exercise I was going to do.

Unfortunately, progressing in the leg press exercise isn’t as safe as progressing in any of the other leg exercises, for example, squats. What people don’t tell you about the leg press exercise, is how damaging it can actually be on the knees.

In this post, I am going to speak on why it is damaging to your knees and if you so insist on incorporating it into your leg day workout, how you can still keep it there without experiencing any nasty knee problems.

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If you are committed to lifting weights and getting muscular, you need to educate yourself on the possible injuries that could arise from it. Not everyone experiences these unfortunate injuries but learning about them and how to treat them, can help you significantly. Once you are getting stronger and lifting more weights in the gym, certain things happen inevitably. Knowing what to do when it happens, can; prevent you from causing more injury to yourself, doing the same thing that caused the problem in the first place and most importantly, prevent you from not being able to work out for a significant amount of time, while you allow the injured body part to recover. The latter, is a weight lifters worst nightmare. Lets be proactive and if an injury does occur, reactive in a manner that doesn’t take you out of the gym for a significant amount of time.

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Strength train or not to strength train

Most people when they start off weight lifting, don’t worry about the whole power lifting aspect of it, which we can simply and loosely call strength training. The main reason for this is because most people are interested in just toning up their body, getting that six pack, maybe some defined arms and calling it a day. But for those who are serious about weight lifting, and love the whole sport of it (and yes, it is a sport!), may be struggling on how to incorporate a strength training program and a bodybuilding program, into one sickening workout routine!

In this post, I will talk about how you can incorporate these two lifting styles into your current routine, as most people sometimes feel it’s either one or the other but in reality, they both can live a happy union with each other and actually help you acquire that physique you’ve been dying to have, for so long!

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